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Archive: Client Communications in a 24/7 World

By Jonathan E. Braunstein November 27, 2019

The world moves faster than ever, and your clients are on top of it. From ‘urgent’ alerts to tedious Twitter commentaries, your clients know the moment news breaks and are reading hot takes and half-baked opinions within minutes.

Financial Advisor IQ's webcast "Client Communication in a 24/7 World," takes a close look at how financial advisors can keep up. This webcast, sponsored by Seismic, was recorded. You can watch it right now by clicking the register button below.

Our panelists discussed how advisors communicate with their clients, particularly during headline events, offering real examples of how they’ve responded to significant events in the past, such as presidential elections. They talked about the tactics they use, ranging from basic phone calls and emails to social media, videos and television.

Throughout, the conversation frequently turned towards efficiency and compliance, as advisors seek to make sure they can provide their clients with the personalized guidance they need, when their clients need it.

To view the archive, click here:



Ross Gerber, President and CEO, Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management
Nannette Nocon, Private Wealth Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services
Peter Smerald, Senior Director, Value Consulting, Seismic

Bruce Love

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