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Archive: How FAs Can Adopt an Institutional Approach to ETFs

By Jonathan E. Braunstein July 28, 2020

The damage done to portfolios in the early months of the Covid-19 crisis will be felt for years, along with the challenges of a potentially slow economic recovery. In the initial downturn, as 60/40 portfolios quickly became nearly 50/50, many financial advisors fielded urgent client demands for action. And while some clients may have wanted to withdraw to cash or look for timing opportunities, their advisors likely cautioned them to take a steadier approach.

The months since have largely benefited those who were able to remain invested and maintain exposure in line with their risk appetite. For FAs, the need to rebalance may be an opportunity to fine tune their clients’ portfolios and take advantage of some ETF tactics favored by institutions.

On July 28, Financial Advisor IQ, will host the webcast “How FAs Can Adopt an Institutional Approach to ETFs,” sponsored by iShares. You can sign up for this webcast right now by clicking the "register" button below.

This webcast will examine how institutional investors use ETFs to maintain liquidity at a low cost, allowing them to more easily pivot during difficult times. We will also discuss how portfolio managers use fixed income ETFs for insight into the costs of illiquid underlying assets, among other tactics. These strategies will help financial advisors looking to reset, rebalance or redesign client portfolios.

Please note that only verified financial advisors will be allowed to attend for this webcast. If you believe you have been denied entry incorrectly, please send us an email.

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Michael Lane, Head of iShares U.S. Wealth Advisory, BlackRock
Michael Moriarty, Chief Investment Officer, Wealthspire Advisors
Thomas H. Urano, Principal, Managing Director, Sage Advisory

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