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Archive: FutureProof: How Do You Evaluate Bitcoin? And Other Listener Questions

August 6, 2020

Bitcoin is up more than 25% in the past month, after an extended period of calm. On the fifth episode of FutureProof, we will discuss reasons for the rally and address other listener questions. Among them, how do you evaluate bitcoin, have regulatory and oversight structures evolved, and what do institutional investors think about this space? Other topics include investor access to digital asset products, and how that may change in the future thanks to improved infrastructure.

"How Do You Evaluate Bitcoin? And Other Listener Questions" will air today at 12 p.m. ET. You can sign up now by clicking the register button below. Steve Kurz, head of asset management for Galaxy Digital will be with us to answer your questions.

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Steve Kurz, Partner, Head of Asset Management, Galaxy Fund Management

Jonathan E. Braunstein

FutureProof is a webcast series from Financial Advisor IQ and Galaxy Fund Management, focused on digital assets for the modern financial advisor. Each webcast will tackle a single question related to how financial advisors can help their clients invest in digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and others. Our quick hitting conversations will seek to answer that single question and provide actionable insights in just 20 minutes.