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Alts Investment Manager Strattner Financial Looking to Buy B-D

By Alex Padalka August 31, 2020

New York-based alternative investment management firm Strattner Financial Group, known as Strattners, says it intends to acquire a U.S. broker-dealer.

Strattners says it’s “in the market” for a brokerage firm registered with Finra that, ideally, is also registered with Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange. 

“We found that the asset managers we talk with often feel not adequately serviced by the industry due to the complexity of some of these transactions they either have or would like to have on the book,” the company says in a statement. “We are confident that we could bring value to their business, focusing on servicing the increased demand we see for these transactions.”

Strattners said last week that the U.S. primary market had more than $1.3 trillion of new debt as of the week prior, and that was higher than the issuance for all of 2017, “which tells us that we are not alone with our opinion,” the company says. 

Strattners’ main line of business is currently in alternatives and the firm is focused on managing and expanding group assets, commercial interests, subsidiaries and services across various industries, the company says. 

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