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Cetera Shifts to Streaming Format for Annual Connect Conference

By Alex Padalka September 22, 2020

Cetera says it’s changed its annual Connect conference to a streaming format.

Cetera’s Connect@Home event, streaming Tuesdays and Thursdays between October 6 and October 22, “incorporates the best of educational and experiential elements from” the Connect conference, according to the company. 

Attendees of the streaming events will be able to access a variety of sessions on business goals, tax planning, banking, branch offices and support staff, as well as sessions with fund managers, sessions garnering continuing education credits and peer-to-peer learning sessions, Cetera says. 

The event also has several featured speakers, including “a former U.S. president,” the Honorable Carol Moseley Braun, former U.S. senator and ambassador, and Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Jack Jacobs, according to Cetera.

The company says it organized the stream to be “optimized for professionals working from home with entertainment, screen breaks, family fun and elements for physical, mental and professional well-being,” Cetera says. 

Investment advice firms and regulators have steadily moved most of their previously in-person functions into the virtual world in light of the restrictions implemented to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. LPL Financial announced in July that it would hold its annual conference — attended physically by 7,000 people last year — to a virtual format in August, for example. The event ended up drawing almost twice as many advisors as last year, as reported. 

The African American Financial Advisors Association held its conference virtually from September 14 to September 19.

Charles Schwab’s Impact conference, also scheduled for October, is likewise taking place virtually.

Some organizers are aware of the challenges of keeping virtual event attendees engaged. The eMoney summit, scheduled for October 19 to 21, will shorten its typical one-hour sessions to 30 minutes each, as reported. 

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