Envestnet Rolls Out Premium Plan Analytics Options on MoneyGuide

By Alex Padalka October 23, 2020

Envestnet MoneyGuide says it’s adding premium options to the analytics platform it rolled out earlier this year.

The premium version includes Plan Pulse, which auto-updates a plan’s “probability of success” metric weekly for clients whose account integration meets an unspecified threshold and allows advisors to filter using the Monte Carlo meter, according to Envestnet MoneyGuide. Another premium option is what the company calls “Client Opportunities,” which segments plan data in a way that’s aimed at spotting opportunities for advisors to engage clients, such as showing clients close to retirement age or age group possibilities of selling insurance, health and lending services, Envestnet MoneyGuide says.

In the future, the company says it also plans to offer a data mining tool that will offer advisors recommendations on portfolios.

The premium features are available to new and existing MoneyGuide subscribers, including users of MoneyGuideOneSM, MoneyGuidePro, and MoneyGuideElite, the company says.

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