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FAs Weigh In: Hopeful About Opportunities for Growth, Outperformance

By Rita Raagas De Ramos February 24, 2021

FA-IQ reached out to advisors to ask: What are you most hopeful about in 2021 when it comes to your advisory practice?

Christopher Cooke, a partner at Cooke Financial Group, which is part of Sanctuary Wealth Partners. Indianapolis-based Cooke has been in the industry for 29 years and has $2 billion in client assets.

Christopher Cooke
“I am hopeful that the economic recovery creates a broader feeling of confidence and joy among my clients and my teammates.

I think our group has done a great job of staying positive and expecting better times ahead, but clients and staff both need the little human comforts of sharing meals, gathering for informative discussions, and other human contacts to make life ‘complete.’

We hope the Cooke Financial Group can be a 2021 catalyst reconnecting people with friendly, warm and safe events — post-vaccination distribution."

Kristopher Carroll, a financial advisor at Carroll Financial. Charlotte, N.C.-based Carroll has been in the industry for nearly 25 years and has $822 million in client assets.

Kristopher Carroll
“I am most hopeful about the opportunities for growth in 2021.

What we saw in 2020 was that there was a lot of money in motion and if advisors were willing to work hard, they had the opportunity to help a lot of people who were experiencing change and transition in their lives. I think 2021 will continue that trend.

I am also excited about some of the younger advisors who we’re bringing up in the business and their opportunity to grow.

Whenever there is turmoil in the market or the economy, people are going to worry. And whenever people are worried, there’s opportunity for an advisor and I feel like there is a lot more of that happening right now than in years past."

Katherine Forrester Schneewind, CEO and founder of High Note Wealth. Deephaven, Minn.-based Schneewind has been in the industry for 25 years and has $400 million in client assets.

Katherine Forrester Schneewind

“When there is transition, clients need us the most. Covid continues to change the lives and jobs of our clients.

We need to be there for them now more than ever to help them consolidate, simplify and optimize their money for their future and their families.

This gives me tremendous hope when we can help more people during difficult times.”

Jason Fertitta, president of Americana Partners. Houston-based Fertitta has been in the industry for 19 years and has $3.4 billion in client assets.

Jason Fertitta
“I would like to see our firm continue to grow and position ourselves to deliver outperformance for our clients in 2021.

I think we are well-positioned to continue our outperformance through thoughtful asset allocation advice and superior product selection.

These two areas are the hallmark of our investment committee, which is chaired by our CIO [chief investment officer] David Darst.”

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