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Crypto Must Be Regulated to Go Mainstream: WisdomTree

By Crucial Clips     June 11, 2021
The following text is a transcript of a portion of a speaker's presentation made at an industry conference or during an interview. This transcript solely represents the view of the individual who spoke, and not the view of Financial Advisor IQ or any other group.
Source: Ignites, Feb. 17, 2021 

JACKIE NOBLETT, SENIOR REPORTER, IGNITES: "Hi, I'm Jackie Noblett, and I am here with Jarrett Lilien from WisdomTree. One area where WisdomTree has really intensified its focus, especially going into 2021, is the area of digital assets. Explain to our viewers, first: 'What is a digital asset?'"

JARRETT LILIEN, PRESIDENT AND COO, WISDOMTREE INVESTMENTS: "One of the things as a pioneer ourselves is we're always cognizant of: 'OK, what could disrupt ETFs the way ETFs disrupted mutual funds?' And we believe it will be the next technology, which we believe is digital.

And digital, we're talking about things that are on the distributed ledger, on the blockchain, and there are two things there. The most apparent would be cryptocurrencies, which is really more of a sort of proof case for the blockchain, but it's the one that is most apparent. But there, we've already launched, in Europe, we've launched a leading Bitcoin exchange-traded product, and we look to do more of that.

We've been a leader in ETFs. We want to be a leader in digital assets as the next technology to really impact asset management and financial services more broadly.

So we're also looking at launching regulated digital assets. So the cryptocurrencies you see today are not regulated. We think, to really become mainstream, they have to be regulated."

JACKIE NOBLETT: "How important is the regulatory blessing, the regulated aspect of a product, to gaining investor confidence that this is something that is enduring?"

JARRETT LILIEN: "There's a difference between a cowboy and a pioneer, and a cowboy and a trailblazer. And really, we're the latter. We're pioneers, we're trailblazers, but your point is a really important one.

We are a regulated company. We're an experienced company. We are always an innovator, but we are coming from the side of establishment to really add credibility to this new wrapper, this new technology for asset management."

JACKIE NOBLETT: "Thanks so much for joining me."

JARRETT LILIEN: "Yeah. Well, thanks for having me."

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