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Google is Crucial for Branding, LinkedIn for Connecting: Dynasty Exec

By Sam Del Rowe June 9, 2021

Advisory firms should focus their marketing on Google and LinkedIn, which account for most of the traffic to websites of firms in Dynasty Financial Partners’ network, according to an executive at the company.

“It’s likely that Google is going to be a huge traffic driver for you,” Gordon Abel, Dynasty’s chief marketing officer and head of diversity and inclusion, said at this week’s Insite 2021 conference organized by BNY Mellon’s Pershing.

Advisory firms should ensure that their sites are optimized for mobile devices, they have a Google My Business profile and they are monitoring load times for their website, Abel said.

“All of this is so important to getting the right level of traffic and optimizing that traffic,” he said.

LinkedIn, meanwhile, is a good tool for using individual connections to grow the advisory practice, according to Abel.

“Having a fully thoughtful strategic LinkedIn presence, knowing that LinkedIn is about business and connecting with people in thought leadership is absolutely critical,” he said.

Being consistent with branding and leveraging analytics are essential for advisory firms to grow their practices, according to Samantha Gammell, vice president for marketing at Capital Group Private Client Services.

“Brand matters,” and advisors should be “caring for” their brand and “feeding that” continuously “because it’s the one thing that they have that nobody else does,” she said at the conference.

Branding isn’t “just the name of your firm or your logo,” she said. It’s “the experience that you’re promising to deliver to your clients, to your prospects and to anyone that interacts with you.”

“[T]he words that you say, the content that you provide, the events that you put on and how your office is” also factor into an advisor’s overall brand, Gammell said. “[T]aking care of that entire brand” is “a really important part” of marketing.

“You want to make sure that whatever you’re doing is representing that promise of an experience that you’re going to deliver to your clients,” she added.

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