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Atlanta FA Vanishes Amid SEC Investigation

October 7, 2020

An Atlanta financial advisor and radio show host has gone missing while the SEC is investigating his business, according to local news reports.

Chris Burns left home on September 24, a day before the regulator’s deadline to provide documents requested by the SEC, his wife told the police, according to WSBTV. 

“Christopher was contacted by the SEC in reference to an investigation dealing with his business. Christopher was not told what the investigation was for,” Burns’ wife told the Gwinnett County Police Department when she filed the missing person report, according to the TV news channel.

Potential fraud victims are calling investigators in at least two counties, WSBTV reports. And a family has accused Burns’ company of failing to pay on a $365,000 deal, according to a Brookhaven police report obtained by the TV news channel.

Burns operated Sandy Springs, Ga.-based Dynamic Money and two associated financial groups, which attracted the SEC’s scrutiny, WSBTV reports. In addition, Investus Companies, also owned by Burns, is currently on notice of being dissolved for failure to renew licensing, according to the TV channel, which cites state records.

Burns began his financial services industry career in 2011 with One America Securities, where he stayed until 2014, according to BrokerCheck and the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure database. He was then registered with Lloyd Advisory Services and Hornor, Townsend & Kent, until registering with Investus Advisers in March 2016, with the registration ending in December of the same year, according to the SEC. 

Investus had no assets under management, according to its latest Form ADV, and is currently listed as “Not Currently Notice Filed” with any state. 

Neither Burns nor Investus have any disclosures with the SEC or Finra.

Burns also bought time on WSB Radio for his finance-related talk show, according to WSBTV, which adds that he was not an employee of the station.

The police believe Burns left of his own accord and took some money with him, according to WSBTV. His wife, meanwhile, told police that she found his car, with his handgun missing, the TV channel reports. 

Investigators found $78,000 in cashier’s checks in the car, according to WSBTV. The police consider Burns armed and suicidal, according to WSBTV.

The SEC declined comment to the TV station.

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By Alex Padalka
  • To read the WSBTV article cited in this story, click here.
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